Newbie! Hello everyone!!

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Hi everyone!!
I think this might be the whole wrong site for me, but this is about the last site my search brought up.
So, let me introduce myself - my name's Chrissy, and I'm 20 years old. Cancer unfortunately runs in my family. My Grandpa had cancer, he passed before I was born from it. And last year my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She passed this past January.
I'm mainly here because for one, I'm afraid of the day that I would be diagnosed with cancer, and for two, I'm still trying to deal with the loss of my mom.
Again, I'm not sure if I'm on the right place here, but maybe this is just the community I needed all this time. All the other message boards are not very supportive of other people.



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    Hi my name is Robin, my brother died also of cancer he was 41, and my dad is battling breast and lung cancer, but that doesnt mean that i would get it, we both have to take good care of ourselves and get regular checkups. Just because our mom or dad of brother had cancer doesnt necessarily mean we will get it I think everybody has cancer cells in them but something has to trigger them to grow, maybee im wrong but i also lost my mom 2 years ago i know its hard i think you learn to adjust you learn to live with it everything in our lives is a learning lesson ive grown wiser,tougher,and you learn not to take things for granted.Family is very important friends may come and go but family is always there. Hope this helps! Kodi
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    I dont think this place is wrong or right for someone based on what their issue is. i think its more like, how comfy u feel with it. i come on here every couple months (when my computer is working) and just see whats going on in the world. occasionally add a little thing. and so i have decided to write to u. because illnesses run in my family as well. and in my fiance's... and so i get really worried about it. ya know? like my grampa (dad's dad) passed when i was in 8th grade from cancer of the lymph nodes. and my mom is on chemo rounds for colorectal cancer right now after massive surgery this past june. my grampa (mom's dad) apparently has like two seperate kinds of cancer and something else... i didnt really understand it, and am not sure i want to. and i feel so selfish when i worry about my future kids more then i worry about my family thats around now.
    im very sorry for the loss of ur mother. im not going to say i know how u feel because i dont. but if u ever need someone to type to or vent to or even just send some random letter that doesnt make any sense... feel free to post it in here or email it to me. i know sometimes i write letters to a name of a person i know and pretend i am writing to them all of my thoughts and emotions and every agony i am feeling. and when i am done i rip it up and throw it away. but sometimes its easier to write to a name.or even to send it to the person after all... so yeah. my name is sarah. feel free :) if u want my email address just post on here urs and ill send u mine...
    well i dunno how much sense this all makes or anything because im just randomly typing whats in my head. lol. so uh. i should probably get going. i hope this is a good place for u. everyone should have a place to feel things how they need to feel them. best wishes.
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