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Hi Cathy,

I emailed you last month or so and wanted to know where you are now living. Maybe you did not get my email. If you haven't been admitted to the hospital yet, I sure would like to know what hospital you are going to. If I can find a way to come visit you, I sure would like to. You are in my prayers and thoughts daily.

God Bless,


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    i am new to this
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    I haven't gone into the hospital yet, but will be in 2 weeks from today. It used to be called Arlington Hospital, but the Drs bought then out out so they call it Doctors Hospital of Va. Mine is Dr Kenneth Mason. Email me throught csn server & I will give you my email addy or you can find it here. I had to alter my email address because my exhusband just got out of prison & is trying to find me. He was in for attempted manslaughter only it was a woman>ME!!!!! He saw me coming out of Fairfax Hospital & ran up to me like we were still married & in love or something, and I thought I would have a heart attack!!!! I called the police & got a security officer there to stand guard, but by the time the police got there he was long gone! Anyway before going into the hospital I am going to a family reunion as there are family members I may never see again due to health reasons & age this weekend. These are all of my American Indian relatives as I am half Sioux myself. Thankyou for thinking of me & sorry but I have been going through a ton of tests & scans & you know the drill. Anyway the family reunion is the 3rd wknd of July. So I will be going in about the beginning of August.
    God Bless You
    Love Cathy
    P.S. I will post & if you want to email me through this site & give me your email addy I will add mine to yours & put you in my contact list.