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Hi everyone, my dad had 8 completed 4 cycles of ABVD for Stage IIA hodgkins. He is now ready to have 20 radiation treatments starting on Tuesday. We are worried, my dad is having radiation to the mantle field. He had nodes in neck and armpit, why do they have to do the entire chest? We hope he tolerates this well, we are worried about lung inflammation? or sore throat.


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    I had 8 rounds of ABVD and 30 days of radiation for Hodgkins stage IIA. For me, the radiation was a piece of cake compared to Chemo. I had mantle field radiation. I did get a sore throat and very dry mouth. I threw up a bit, but nothing like chemo. I had to have part of one of my lungs and heart radiated due to the location of the tumors. The doctors did very low level radiation in those areas. You shouldn't have to worry too much about the lungs. Radiating the mantle field area can cause the Thyroid to stop working, so make sure they check that (my doctor said it usually takes awhile, but mine had stopped within a few months). Also, I have a few problems swallowing food. This is due to radiating the Esophagus. But, I take medication for that. All in all, I think you will find the biggest pain will be getting to the hospital everyday. It gets a little old. But I had the greatest Radiation techs, they were wonderful. I have also heard, that it makes some people tired.
    Good luck to you and your family. You will be in my prayers. Heather
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    Same here, my neck turned black and was actually burned. Tell your dad to ask the Dr for a radiation cream it is glossy but does ease the pain. It was actually a breeze for me also compared to chemo. Make sure he still drinks a lot of water and stay away from breads and crackers they will get stuck in his throat. The saliva decreases during radiation. He will still remain tired all the time so just encourage him to keep getting his rest. God Bless [email protected]