shingles- whats going on!?

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i had esophageal cancer and went through chemo and surgery. now i get tests done every 4-5 months. i suddenly got this burning rash and terrible back pains. the pain was worse than anything, including cancer, that i ever experienced. i was diagnosed with shingles and given heavy doses of codiene. i was told that this is typical of cancer patients because of all the stress they go through. has anyone ever had this. i have had it now for about 2 months and its finally getting better. marthac


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    Hi. Getting shingles is not uncommon. They can be brought on by stress. I have even heard of caregivers getting them. If you haven't joined the EC Group I suggest you do. Go to Cathy's EC Cafe at and look for the EC Group link. There are over 1200 members. We need to hear from more survivors and also there is a lot of good information shared and support givin. Bruce
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    after my resection 7/23/04 I developed a red bullseye type rash and low grade fever. i was diagnosed with steaven johnsons syndrome from the drug vioxe (an anti-inflammatory drug i was on) within three days of stoping the drug my rash went away. i was on vioxe for about three wks.
    good luck and god bless
    Bill Ross
    York Pa.