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If there is anyone who can help me I would really
appreciate it very, very much! My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer last August. He's had
his surgery last December, after having radiation and chemo, and is getting chemo now. He is very depressed, mainly because we owe so much, well over $100,000 for all the bills we have incurred during this past year. We both work, but only part-time and are very worried about all these bills! Does anyone know of any help that we might get? We make a little too much money to qualify for alot of assistance programs, and we are really at a loss of what to do. Your health can't get better when you are constantly under stress about paying all the medical bills. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, catseyescu2


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    i am so sorry to hear what you are saying because my 25 year old daughter was dx in 9-2003 with cancer and no insurance. it is a nightmare in itself along with the cancer. she was also denied any help from medicaid and ssi. she cannot work because the suregery and radiation has caused severe neuropathy and lymhedema. her dr. will not let her work because of the pain. also she needs another surgery to insert a metal rod into her femor bone that was destroyed by rads. if she had dependants she would be approved. it is crazy that our country helps everyone else but not their own. or girls get pregnant 2 or 3 times and we pay for that. i don't begrudge the babies, they usually don't get taken care of properly anyway. my daughter will probably never be blessed with a child after having cervical cancer at age 17 and liposarcoma at 25. no insurance but they expect her to have ct and mri scans every 3 months. i apologize for my anger but i can't help it. people like you and me work and can't get any help. i buy all her meds ($200.00 per month). that's probably not as much as you but it still hurts. anyway i am sorry about blowing off steam. i feel so bad for you. i legally don't have to pay anything but this is my child. i took out a loan so she could have her surgery (the dr. wouldn't do if i didn't). we finally turned to the county for a loan that we have to pay back. there are all kinds of companies that help, but usually have no funds. have you contacted the ACS? also halle-burton? you can contact for free meds. please email me at if you want to talk. i feel your pain. they want you to get better but you can't without the medical care you need. who would hire my daughter knowing her leg could shatter if she stepped wrong. hugs, dyana
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    here are more sites to visit. they may be able to help since your husbands cancer is so serious.they couldn't help us much but please try.
    hill-burton 800-638-0742 800-532-5274
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    Wish I had more info to help, but do your oncs have any social workers that they work with? I don't know what state you live in, but there are different rules for eligability for assistance in each state; there is usually a division that may have some free social work services. The Hill Burton act that is mentioned in the previous post should help to cover uninsured hospital costs, but doesn't help with out-patient bills as far as I know.
    Have you tried asking the help line here at ACS for help and specific suggestions...may be worth a try. Have yu discussed your inability to afford these costs with your onc; some may be willing to forgive your debt and write it off as an expense.
    My heart goes out to you. My parents struggled with health care costs during my dad's bout with colon cancer; hope you are able to find some relief. Regards, Judy
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    contact the ACS at 1-800-227-2345 for information on health insurance. Make sure to ask them about risk pools (state funded medical insurance for higher risk people).
    As you may know, there is a discussion board on this site entitled "Insurance"..that's where I got
    the above information. Judith's suggestion about
    finding a social worker is a good one; they have a
    lot of resources, and may have some help for you.