How bad is it the SECOND time?

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Hi! I'm new here. I'm writing about my father. He was treated for non-hodgkin's lymphoma 12 years ago. He was recently diagnosed AGAIN! He's 71 years old. He starts chemo treatments again after the 4th of July holiday. He's already showing signs of extreme tiredness. I've heard that it's WORSE the second time around. I don't know that he has the same stamina that he did 12 years ago. Needless to say...I'm scared silly. Is it possible to be able to do this TWICE??


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    Hi my name is JIm Atkins i live in Darwin Australia,Have faith,This is my 6th recurrance of NHL in 25yrs and it does get harder,the treatment is the same, its the damage it does to your mind, [what if i cant handle treatment again,etc] I had a 10 year remission and found that the treatment was easier the second time because you know what to expect and also in my case they had better anti neasea drugs as i was alergic to the only two available here at the time i was first diognosed.I know that without a cure that this desease will kill me eventually but not untill i am ready.I dont know how much treatment your body can cope with as it does cause a lot of damage but i am living proof that the second time around is somehow not as bad as the first.All the best jim.