Going into menopause?

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Hey everyone,

It's been a long while...too long. I ended up doing the rads, hyperthermia and Xeloda for my second local-regional recurrence. Finished in Feb., port out in March with some tissue that was suspect but turned out to be nothing.

My big fear now is I'm going menopausal at 37. Haven't had period for 80 days. Don't really feel I have any other symptoms, strange...maybe it's just another bleep as after the first round of AC and Taxol I went 40 days without about eight months later. I finished carbo, taxotere 13 months ago...does anyone have any insight? Will ask my gyn this week for hormone testing.

Ok, thanks for your help!



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    I did four rounds of A/C and four rounds of Taxol and went into menopause 2 months into chemo. It's been six months since I've had a period. I am definitly in menopause, it's one of the side effects of the chemo drugs. I'm 42 now. The doctor asked me if I wanted any more children before we started chemo. I hope that's not a problem for you, the doctor should always ask before you start. Quite frankly I'm enjoying the lack of cramps and pads.
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    Hi, I went into menopause after about the 2nd treatment of a/c. Haven't had a period since last October which is okay with me. The only thing I don't care for is the hot flashes, but I have something to calm those down too. I'm 45, so early menopause isn't a big deal with me - not missing those monthly periods at all. And yes, they can do a test to determine if you're in menopause...my doctor did one last month and confirmed it.
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    Hi. Just a warning that I wish I had gotten. Please, if you haven't gone for a bone density test (different from a bone scan), ask your onc. or Gyn. to send you for one. I was put into early menopause by the chemo and wound up with osteoporosis. I now take Fosamax once a week and calcium w/D supplements. One more thing to worry about. The test is non-invasive, no prep, you just lie on a table. Just think of it as an opportunity to nap!
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    I'm 35 and during my chemo went into Chemo-pause. I didn't have my period for almost a year and a half, then I started bleeding 4 months ago. After the fear, a biopsy and tests it was concluded that I was coming out of the chemo-pause finally and getting my period back. I now get a Zoladex shot every three months during my trip to the oncologist to keep my periods from happening. I've only had one shot of the Zoladex and last month I had my period like I never had cancer, just as crazy as it used to be. My oncologist said this would happen because the Zoladex needs to build up in my system. Anyway, what I want to say to you is...you never know. I was sure that I would never get my period and have the opportunity to have children and then, wham, one day I get my period. It felt like I was 13 again, I didn't know what was going on. The reason why I want to not menstruate right now is that my cancer was estrogen positive and I want to make sure that if there are any stupid cancer cells in my body, they are starving and dying.

    If you want to know my chemo, I was on Adriamycin and Cytoxan then Taxotere. I currently take Tamoxifen.

    Keep your chin up...I wish you my best.

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    I am 39 yrs old I had a follow up with my chemo dr on June 1st she said I am going thru the early stages of menopause I havent had my period in over 1 yr.I finished chemo on November 13th 2003 did 33 days of radiation in 2004 Im alldone with both.Had my port put in March.My dr put me on meds for my hot flashes. I have been spotting.Dr told me that was normal