Fear after transplant

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Hi. When I was 30 I was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma. I did 2 1/2 years of chemo and then relapsed almost immediately after finishing, with ALL. My only option was a stem cell transplant. I'm now almost 9 months post transplant. With every day that passes that I'm cancer free, I feel a little more comfortable. I still get scared and worry about not being around to see my daughter grow up. Does the fear every go away?


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    Hi amy,
    My name is Michael and I am a leukemia survivor. i was diagnosed when I was 21 and I am now 30. The fear never goes away, but it definitely decreased with time. I now have concerns when I get sick, however, they are minimal and not consuming. I believe the same will happen in your case. Take care.
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    Not really a reply amy More of some question I have. I have a little girl with ALL. My e-mail is cambriesbc@global.net
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    Hi Amy, I was diagnosed with AML when I was seventeen. I am now 18 and I just celebrated the one year anniversery of my BMT. The fear that I will have to go though all of that again is always in the very back of my mind, I think about it every now and then but these moments of doubt are few and far between. I guess it will never really ever go away. But this doesn't keep me from living my life. I'm always making plans for my future, without giving it a second thought.
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    Im 33 and had my BMT in March 04. Ive thought about it alot to the point of depression because I kept getting sick and have been back to the hospital 4 times since my BMT. I finally got GVHD and after being treated I feel a lot better. I am no longer depressed and can do more than stare at the 4 walls. I just had a baby in March and I sometimes do wonder If he will ever really get to know me. But it makes no sense worrying about it all of the time. I just try to be the best father to my kids (I also have a girl) as possible and let the Lord handle the rest.
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    Fear After Transplant


    I had a transplant in Oct of 94'. To this day there is always that little drop of fear you have when you get a disease like leukemia. I was taught by my Great uncle at the time to keep a positive attitude and it will be alright. I say enjoy every moment with daughter and before you know it, your only fear will be choosing a college for her. I wish you all the success in the world and I know you will be great.