My treatment log, or lack of

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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with squamous non small cell lung cancer on May 16th. Bronchoscopy showed that the turmor had blocked off the bronchi into my left lung (which is collapsed). I've been hospitalized twice in this time for infections in my right lung that impaired my airway. So far I've had a whole range of test done, all the usual I suppose. The onocology staff tells me that they think I should have my left lung removed, but the surgical staff says they see something on my PET Scan in my right lung that onocology says isn't there, and they think I should persue a medical treatment. So far the two services can't seem to agree, and no treatment of surgical preps of any kind have been started. Is this common? I feel like I'm sitting here while nothing gets done and the turmor gets more time to grow.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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    My name is Ernie, and I'm a 2 1/2 year nsclc, stage 3a survivor. I'm not qualified to suggest treatment, but, for your peace of mind, according to my oncologist, this type of tumor grows very slowly. So don't panic, but be pushy with the doctors, if necessary. And don't be hesitant to get a second opinion from another oncologist. These people are used to that, and shouldn't be offended. And so what if they are offended?
    Good luck. My prayers are with you.
    Oh, yeah, - I was diagnosed as inoperable and incurable in the beginning. I had a checkup last week (2 years, 8 months after surgery) - still clean as a whistle. So take heart!