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Hi. My sister was diagnosed with MM in 1996 at the age of 34. At the time, she had a tumor removed from her leg and had radiation. Since, she has had a stem cell transplant, chemo, more radiation, steroids, etc. She is doing well for having had MM for 8 years. I have found that it is rare for someone so young to have MM. I would really like to talk to someone who is or has taken care of someone who is as young as my sister is. I just don't know what to expect at this point. Her bones are definitely weaker and she now has a spiral fracture in her leg which will require surgery and pins. Her leg was broken in the past and it is the leg she had her tumor removed so it is more cement than bone. Anyway, I would really like to talk to someone who could answer some of my questions.

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    Hi. I was diagnosed in 2001 at the age of 42. My aunt had died the previous year of MM at the age of 65. Mine did not have bone damage. I had a plasmacytoma in my stomach which was inoperable. After undergoing 4 rounds of chemo, I went into complete remission and decided against the transplant due to personal health issues. Also, the transplant does not work as well for MM patients as for other cancers. Since then I have been in CR. I take zometa monthly.
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    oh, if you haven't already, i advise you to join the listserv found on the International Myeloma Foundation's site. There are many postings about younger patients. MM is definitely hitting younger people. The youngest person I have seen so far is 29 years old.