Skin Questions...Help!

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I'm eight months out of chemo...Hooray!!! I'm thankful for making it through the fire. I've noticed that whenever I'm in direct sunlight I break out in small water blisters on any area that is exposed to the sun. Has anybody has this happen? I live in Texas and not going in the sun is really hard. I'd appreciate any help that you can offer.


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    Congrats on being eight months out. I'm about a year and a half. I had a lot of trouble going out in the sun up until about six months ago. Just be real careful now, it won't last forever. Try to keep your arms covered with a real light-weight material. I think our bodies are just so worn down from chemo that anything even remotely dangerous affects them in adverse ways. You'll get better, don't worry. But it WOULD be a good idea not to expose your body to the sun for very long for the rest of your life due to the danger of skin cancer. I don't allow my arms and legs to be uncovered for very long even now. But it is nice to get a little sun on them now and then.
    Hope you do well and STAY well.