When can I donate blood?

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Discovery of my colon cancer was partially due to the people at a bloodmobile because they said my blood counts were too low and I should tell my doctor. Their advice led me to get a colonoscopy and the discovery of cancer. As a way of saying thanks, I want to be able to donate blood again. The bloodmobile in Central Florida said 5 years after chemo and the bloodmobile in South Florida said after a year. Even though I don't like getting "stuck" it would be for a good cause. As usual, I would appreciate any suggestions. Regards, Arlene


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    If your blood count is basically back to normal and you are feeling well there is no medical reason why you can't give bllod but as you have discovered it is teh various blood collecting services which will have varying rules. It is therefore best to decide where you want to do it and tehn approach them to ask what their policy is.

    Well done for wanting to give something back- we can all learn from that!
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    I was told I would never be able to give blood. That came straight from the Red Cross. I had ovarian cancer, surgery, chemo, etc. So, please check with them first. I too wanted to do this, so I was very disappointed. I commend you for wanting to do the same. Just check into it.
    Let us know, and God Bless you!