End stage liver cancer question.

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Hello, My mother has been fighting liver cancer for five years, after surviving breast and colon cancer. She currently has three tumors and is receiving treatment with exloda (chemo). The tumors are inoperable.Her doctor has told her that she will continue to get weaker and weaker until she slips into a coma but cant give any time reference.I am returning home to be her caregiver. We try to stay postive and laugh at the disease. It has been a long fight and she is weary. My question is has anyoen experienced muslce failure in the legs due to this condition? Her cancer markers have steadly climbed, but have taken thier biggest jump ever, going from 301 to 401 in a two week period. I would love to have contact with anyone who has any sort of experince strength and hope when it comes to liver cancer. I am frightened but believe that higher power has a plan , Im just not sure what is. I dont really know what to expect. I thank you for letting me talk freely, And wish everyone of you the best on this journey. may god bless you all! Traci


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    My sister died when breast cancer spread to her liver and lungs. I can not say enough wonderful things about Hospice. She did not want hospice but we finally insisted. They were our angels ~ they help physically, emotionally and in every way. They knew by looking at her when they assessed her that she had a week or less left to live. Because she would not "give in" to the cancer or the reality of her death, there was a lot to be done emotionally because she had 3 grade school children. Hospice brought a social worker in who did what we could have never done as far as communicating with the children and leaving them and her with the most beautiful memories and gifts that they will always have. As sad as it was, she died at home surrounded in great comfort, love and most importantly healing emotionally and spiritually. I really recommend Hospice.
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    Hi Traci;
    I just lost my mom from end stage liver cancer, in March. She was 65. She too got extremely weak in her legs. She underwent chemoembolization for 10 months which was successful. The cancer mets to her spine, took over and then everything moved quickly from there. I can not find the words to explain how difficult it was, I just can tell you that you are not alone in this journey. Mom was in a coma for 9 days, she awoke looked at us, took a deep breath and passed on. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I would be happy to e-mail you or call you if you wish. I can feel your pain, god bless-Sandy
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    Hi, my father is fighting liver cancer for over a year. He is 89, and is at an advanced stage of the cancer, he is extremely weak, and is fainting from time to time, doctors are telling us that he might go into coma...it is very hard to see our loved ones suffer from this disease. On top of all this, he broke his hip last week (slight fracture) as he slipped in the restroom.Any comments on how long does this last, after these symptoms???
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    AFP Tumor Marker

    My husband's AFP marker is 16,228 - very much higher than two months ago. Does this indicate last stage of cancer?


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    AFP Marker

    If AFP increased by 300% does that mean that the tumor also increased by 300%?

    Thank you for your answers.

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    How do you deal with new liver diagnosis?

    i was recently diagnosed with eme stage renal disease. I'm sti in shock

    What can I read or find out info on my issue. 

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    How do I know?

    My dad turned 73 in December last year. In November last year, he was discharged from the hospital, after 3 weeks of internal bleeding and needing to receive huge amounts of blood, he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and after seeing the oncologist, told there was nothing that could be done. Up until about 2 weeks ago, apart from the INSANE ITCHING, he seemed to be getting on ok, but about 3 weeks ago, he got really bad Odema and has spent 3 weeks in compression bandages. It's crazy, but suddenly the last 5 days, he's stopped eating, he constantly nods off, the last 2 days, he is completely out of it. He is in and out of consciousness, his reality is completely gone, he is confused, he thinks he's been out the house, been surrounded by different people, been to different places, he is completely delirious, he's stopped eating, he passes in and out and stays the whole day, and makes confused ramblings like he's speaking in his sleep. Is this the end? I moved in with him when he was discharged from the hospital last year. I lost my sister to cancer in March last year, she was 47, nine months older than me, and I walked that journey with her, I thought I knew what I was up for, but I don't know I'm so sure, or maybe I know this is the end, but like with my sister, didn't think anything could beat her. What is going on? How can my dad in 3 days, go from cooking with me to not knowing his surroundings, time or anything?