Breast Cancer Postage Stamps

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I went to the post office today to get some more of the bc postage stamps and the person who works there told me that as of last month, they had raised 37.7 million dollars for breast cancer research and cure. I think that is fabulous and if you are not aware of these stamps, because they are not really advertised, ask at your local post office. You pay .40 for a .37 stamp and the extra goes to bc. I just wanted to share those numbers with you guys.



  • SusanAnne
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    Wow! Those 3 cents really add up. Thanks for the great news.
  • krisrey
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    Hi Jan,
    Thanks for the info...those few cents really up!!
    I don't usually use stamps because I put all my mail through my office postage machine, but I will be sure to spread this news on to friends and family members.
  • live42day
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    I have been buying the breast cancer stamps for over a year, but have never heard a total of money raised. That is great! Thanks for the info.