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If I said I was not totally relieved I would be lying!!!!!!
My ultrasounds and blood tests have come back very positively---that is to say--nothing--not a thing shows up on them!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy I could jump right across tha screen and give all yu guys a bear hug!!!!!!!
I am pleased to say that I have a doctor that is listening to me now."She" is now scheduling ultrasounds on a regular basis and bloods every 3 months.She is very happy with the surgeons/oncologists reports and is encouraged that the surgery/chemo has stopped the beast in its tracks.
She agrees with me that further colonoscopies should be done regularly--the first at 6 months and then 12 monthly rather than the previous doctors advice of every 2 years.
So guys--what can I say???Of course the beast will still be on my mind but I hope that these results may be of some encouragement to others here.
We both thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts----I know that I have said it before--but who cares--we REALLY mean it!!!!
luv n huggs to all--kanga n Jen

BTW--kanga ain't leavin his friends--am still comin here--still got lotsa luv to give!


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    congrats on beating the beast! that's great news!
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    Hi Kanga,
    Like I said a born again survivor,congrats and keep up the good results ,cheers Ron.
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    That is such absolutely fantastic news! I am sooooo happy for you and your family.

    We all hope for the same results as I know you hope for the same for each and every one of us here on this board. You give us hope, you give us inspiration, you give us the belief in the power of positive thinking!

    Best of luck for the future Kanga!

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    hey kanga. i bet you are relieved!!!!! great news for you. so how you gonna celebrate? here is hoping i hear the same news next month with my scan. in the meantime, enjoy!!!!!!!

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    Dear Kanga, a.k.a. DragonSlayer,

    Congratulations!!!! That is wonderful news. Thanks for sharing with us and allowing us all to share in the JOY. It is uplifting.
    Love, Tara
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    Hey Kanga and Jen, GREAT news. Hurray, huzzah! I think I can hear the celebration from here! Continued good news,
    Judy, who can't wait for the last 3 treatments to be over and to join you in the "recovery" room.
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    Great News! Congrats! You give me great hope for my mom. Thanks!
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    Yipee, Kanga!

    Goosebumps popped up on my arms as I read your message. God bless you, Jen, and all Semi-colons!!

    Hugs to you and Jen,

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    Kanga and Jen,

    This is the best news and I am sooooooo happy for you both. I know what a relief it is. I too am staying on this site with this wonderful group, even though I finished treatment and tests are coming back good. If we can offer any answers, encouragment and/or prayers to anyone going through this diagnosis and treatment we'll be here for sure.

    Stay in touch and enjoy your "new" life!


  • Way to go Kanga! Let me do the happy dance for you and yes, while I know that Bert too is NED, the demon is never far from our minds. But at least he is no longer in the forefront!!!

    Go celebrate...do I hear corks popping????? Bert and I are so happy for you...and we ain't leaving either. Life can be so good!

    Bert & Monika
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    How WONDERFUL. I couldn't wait to read your results and can't tell you how I smiled when they were good. I congratulate you and welcome that bear hug... (((((((((Kangatoo)))))))) Way to Go and may God bless you and yours! Oh, PLEASE stay with us. We need you :)
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    pjenks57 said:

    How WONDERFUL. I couldn't wait to read your results and can't tell you how I smiled when they were good. I congratulate you and welcome that bear hug... (((((((((Kangatoo)))))))) Way to Go and may God bless you and yours! Oh, PLEASE stay with us. We need you :)

    Hi Kanga,

    Congratiolations from accross the Pacific Ocean!. And I bet Jen has a lot to do with it too!. Keep maintaining the number one defense (positive attitude) of any type of challenge.

    Aussie!, Aussie!, Hoy!, Hoy!, Hoy!.

    G'Day mate,
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    I had to pop on here and offer a congrats on your tests, too! I am so happy for you! Great news!
    Lee Ann
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    YOU GO DUDE!!!!! I thought about you all day yesterday knowing you would soon be getting your results. What wonderful news to a very deserving couple (you and Jen, the ultimate caregiver). You have to stay with us, so you can teach us what it is like in survivalship!!!! You, Stacey, Spongebog, Emily, and so many of the other true survivors give so much to us newbies with your information, but mostly from your inspiration. I for one learn from your every posting.

    Please spend some time savoring this moment and go for a long, fun ride on them cycles soon.

    Hugs from the East Coast of the US to your family down under!!!! Congrats again and I will be toasting your success for the next few weeks!!

    Lisa P.
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    God bless you and Jen, Ross, and keep the beast at bay...it's so good to hear positive news..
    now get on with your life! Bud
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    Congrats on the wonderful news. Very happy to hear it. Go do some celebratin'!!!

  • bsrules
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    GREAT NEWS!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Bob and I are very happy for both of you!!!! Keep up the good work and send some of that GREAT luck our way!!!!! Best Wishes and Keep up the good work!!!
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    Kanga & Jen -

    Woooo-Hooo! I'm jumpin' around like a kangaroo - crikey I bet you're a happy couple of campers.

    Congrats on the good news and lookin forward to keeping in touch with you, Mate!


    - SB
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    Hi, it was wonderful to read your fantastic news.....you give so much of your time to this forum encouraging and helping others and when we all hear your great news it gives us hope that we will be celebrating like you soon. Thanks for sharing your happiness and I hope you have a lovely time just letting it sink in.....Rebecca & Ross