5mos RP and questions

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First, let me thank all of you for being here. My husband and I read this site all the time and its been so helpful.

My husband is 42, and 5 months RP. He's returned to about 98% control of bladder, no real leaking, good physical health and is doing great. He's had no erection return which is still a concern to him. We've tried everything, including the shots. The shots will give him an erection, but his penis is bent -- almost at a 45% angle. This wasn't the case before and he is concerned about it. Also, the shots leave his penis feeling very cold to the touch. Has anyone else had this experience and is the bend normal for after RP. Also, can he expect a full return of his sexual ability? He had nerve sparing RP and has sensation in his penis. Thanks for any insights.


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    First let me say that I had radiated seed implant and not RP.
    From postings I have viewed, it is almost impossible for us to give you a definitive answer other than to say it took me 1+ yr to get everything functioning and then, it is not where I left off.
    Some indicate they are back to 100%, others such as myself make adjustments and that now becomes the normal.
    5 mos is not a lot of time considering all. Everyone's surgery and post RP are different.
    Possibly, some other of our members who have had RP and did not have an immediate return of function can give you their timeline which, may not help you but provide encouragement.
    Be patient and keep working at it together.
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    I think 5 mo. is a little soon to expect much of an erection. Even though he had the nerve sparing surgery just the same as I did things might not be working all that well for the first year and maybe 2 --dont panic--I dont know how much homework you did on the subject but if you can imagine trying to peal a peach without breaking the skin--it cant be done and so goes the removal of the nerves from the prostate--some get streached and some get torn or bruised and it takes awhile to heal--BE PATIENT ! I told my DR. after 5 weeks that I was ready to try Viagra and he just laughed and told me I had a great attitude but he didnt think I would be ready for several months so I told him"JUST WRITE THE PRESCRIPTION & I WILL DO THE REST"--I fooled him--within 8 weeks I was doing O.K.--I took 1 Viagra and got such a bad headach that I tossed the pills and since then Iv been doing fine--sometimes I need a little manual stimulation but my wife has been very understanding and willing to to give a hand --oops--you know what I mean and that went on for about 6 months--I had my surgery on January 21,2003 and things are pretty much back to normal but if Im overly tired or had 1 too many Margaritas --weeeeeeeeeell--but sometimes we get with the program with a little extra effort and sometimes not--this has made me understand why sometimes a woman JUST CANT GET INTO THE MOOD--I have a very understanding wife that has been there for me through the whole ordeal and she told me from the git go--I WOULD RATHER HAVE YOU HERE AND NOT HAVE SEX FOR 20 MORE YEARS THAN TO HAVE SEX FOR MAYBE 5 YEARS AND LOOSE YOU TO CANCER---it sounds like your husband has the same kind of Angel of a wife that I do.
    As for the bent willy--it might have been caused from the cathiter--did he wear the bag on the same side all the time?
    Have you tried Cialis or Lavetra--some insurance companys jerk you around and dont want to pay for these drugs--have your Dr. write a letter to them and explain that it will be a MAINTANCE drug and get a prescription for 1 year--you dont have to fill it all at once but as needed. My ins. co. gave me a hard time--(no pun) and I just told them " LOOK YOU DUMMY THIS ISNT A RECREATIONAL DRUG ITS A MAINTAINANCE DRUG"- they came through.
    Please feel free to e-mail me ( you or you hubby)
    Oh ya--I almost forgot--his problem could be psycological--fear of not being able to perform--but as I said before its still REAL PREMATURE to expect anything.
    I was 54 when I had my surgery--still way too young to have this type cancer. I dont know if your husband was in the Vietnam war but alot of us that were there got sprayed with AGENT ORANGE and P.C. is is believed to be caused by it.I just started testing last month so they will have to make a determination---who knows-I may wind up with a little dissability--but Im still alive--thanks to my wife and Dr.
    Good luck-Morris
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    I can give you a little info, I'm 7 months post RP and was 39 when I had it done. At this age, erections were a major goal for me to get back. I started working on it only 2 months after my surgery. I am 100% dry and I started using Cialas with a little sucess, then went to a VED and just didn't care for it. To much hassle to use in the heat of the moment. I asked my Uro for a injection and he wrote me a script for Caverject which worked wonderfully. I still use it at times but I am starting to get erections on my own and have been using the Cialis more often. I was told 18 to 24 months before I would be back to normal or as close to normal as I will get. I think with your husbands age being close to mine he may have the same results. Good luck and hope this helps.