Recurrence of Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant HD

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone here have any experience with a recurrence of this type of HD? I was initially diagnosed with this type back in 1997 and after receiving 2 cycles of chemo (ABVD) and radiation everything seemed well for years. There were no unusual symptoms, bloodwork was fine, etc.

I've now just had a recurrence of this same type of HD (7 years later) and it is in Stage 3A. I've started a 6-8 month chemo regime (CVPPABO) and based on what I can tell, it is pretty similar to MOPP/ABV. In trying to devise a treatment plan, the Lymphoma specialists in my area seemed to suggest that they hadn't recalled a recurrence of this type of HD based on the treatment that I had earlier. My research seems to indicate that this sub-type does have a history of relapsing. Whatever the case, it's here now and I have to deal with it. There is no bulky disease and the CT scans seem to indicate smaller tumours . . . so that is good news I guess.

My doctor seems to believe that this different protocol was the better option as opposed to trying the ABVD again. Aside from all of the normal questions (what causes a recurrence, how can you help prevent it, etc.), are there any of you here that have had experience with a recurrence of this type of HD?

Trying to track dwon stuff on the Internet has been tough for me. The docs say this is a pretty unusual situation and I'm not sure what to really believe. Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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    I had a recurrance of Nodular Schlerosis Hodgkins, and was given a poor prognosis. I went for a stem cell transplant at the University of Minnesota and "knock on wood" that was two years ago and still cancer free.