Dad had to skip treatment...

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With only four more treatments to go, he had to skip his treamtment this week due to his platelets being too low. His oncolgist said that if he had his chemo, he could end up needing a blood transfusion -- he doesn't want that. Has anyone had this happen? What can you do to bring them up?

I really think this was a much needed break. He has been so fatigued, and not eating well. He said that food tasted better yesterday than it had in a long time, and that he felt better.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Hugs to All~


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    Hi Michele,

    I had to start getting nupogen shots when my counts were too low. I had a transfusion before I got any of my chemo, as my hemoglobin was down to a 6. Tell your dad he's doing great, and to keep up the progress!

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    Hi Michele,
    My problem has been low hemaocrit and potassium, and my clotting time was was too high at one point, which almost led to postponing treatment. Hope you and dad continue to roll with these punches. Glad to hear his sense of taste is better, though; it's a pain to eat when everythng tastes funny.
    In my chemo group, there are a some folks who are scheduled for transfusions periodically; seems they do OK.
    Hang in there; hope the week off does the trick.
    Regards, Judy
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    No experience with that Michele but my mom had to skip here regularly scheduled chemo for lung cancer last Friday due to ongoing numbness in hands and feet. She was so concerned that this would not be good for the cancer since she is responding so well but the doc assured her that a week, even two skipped won't matter and the consequences of continuing with the existing numbness in place is permanent neurological damage. Not a good thing. She is much better today...much....and I think too that for her it was a needed break. Once your dad bounces back, things will resume and he's gonna be even better.

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    Michele -

    I had to have a couple of transfusions during my chemo. I have to say, I really felt fantastic after I got them! Sort of like taking some kind of super-dooper vitamin.

    I took iron because, like Judy, my 'crit was really low. I also ate liver and onions - fortunately I lived alone so I didn't "offend" anyone. Fresh fruits and veggies high in iron help, too - like Popeye's spinach (BTW, little-known trivia factoid; Popeye was in the Coast Guard and his arch-nemesis, Bluto, was in the Navy. Gotta love that Popeye).

    Have you or his doctor considered Procrit?

    - SpongeBob
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    Hi Michele--give your dad a hugg from oz--fatigue really knocks us about--but hopefully he will bounce back quickly.
    Our very best wishes--kanga n Jen
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    I believe that the closer one gets to the end of their treatment, the harsher the chemo is on the body. My last two treatments with Folfox have had to be postponed due to a low platelet count once and the other time, due to a low white blood count. The additional week off allowed my platelet count to rise back to normal. I'm taking shots now for my low white blood count, and hopefully, I can have my last treatment next Wednesday.

    The additional time off made my chemo treatments a lot easier on me. So, hopefully, it does the same for your dad.

    Will be thinking of you and your dad!