Husband with Bladder cancer

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My husband had a 5cm malignant tumor removed January 22nd and has just finished his 6th BCG treatment on May 28th and had another scope and there was no sign of returning cancer. He will continue maintenance treatments on August 10th for three weeks and then another scope and this will continue for 18 months. Does this mean the tumors won't come back? Doctor said in the beginning that they usually do.


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    Hello Debrus,

    My husband had invasive bladder cancer that went into the muscle, so he had to have his bladder and prostrate, plus 5 lymphnodes removed. Now they think that it has metastasized into his lung. He had a FULL BODY PET SCAN done on him to see exactly where the cancer has spread and there won't be any guessing. I have done a lot of research on the internet concerning his cancer and also asked questions of the Oncologist and Radiologist. It doesn't sound like the doctors are being open with the information concerning your husband. I am sorry, but if you want the WHOLE TRUTH concerning the situation, write down your questions that you have in your mind and ask each and every doctor the same questions, then compare the answers to see which ones agree with each other. This is the time that you can NOT be shy, and you have to speak up and demand the answers. It ISN'T only your husband that you are fighting for, it is also you and your life. Whatever happens affects both of you. You can do it if you set your mind on it, and get the answers for yourself at least. If you know the facts, you can deal with it easier. It is the NOT KNOWING and only guessing, that is rough I think. I have to be aggressive in order to get the answers to all of my questions concerning the cancer. I have to speak up for both of us, because he had strokes and the thinking process doesn't work too good. The best of luck to both of you, and I hope to read a post on this site telling everyone that you demanded the answers to your questions, and you got the necessary and complete answers. My thoughts and prayers are with you.