What tests to ask doc for?

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Hi All,

I am from Australia and found this wonderful website with so much useful info. I came here initially because my friend has ovca so I wanted to find out as much as I could so I could suport her and have some understanding of what she is going through. More recently I have had some strange symptoms that do concern me, such as heavy periods, constant nagging pain on right side, so tired even after a good nights sleep, pain in right leg and buttock but after saying all that I do have a history of Endometriosis which does mimic some symptoms of ovca! I have undergone 3 laporoscopys and more recently Sep 2003 a laporotomy where they removed a 4cm mass on the right ovary which they called a 'endometrioma', as far as I know they didn't do ca125 or any other test but simply said it was caused from endo! 7 months down the track and the pain is back, I am still tired and my periods have stopped. I had an app with my gyno who said only option is a hysterectomy although I have not had children because of being infertile and I am now 38 so it isn't looking good. My question is if I should ask my doc to do a frozen section and ca 125 test and look for signs of ovca when he does hyseterectomy? Any advice? thank you all and god bless