Malignant Pleural Effusion Lung Cancer

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I am interested in any information anyone may have who had malignant pleural effusion which is fluid in the chest cavity caused by a tumor in the lung. It is classified as stage IIIB inoperable.
I was diagnosed in July, 2003. I had to have 1 &1 1/2 liters of fluid drained from my chest cavity twice prior to the start of chemotherapy. The fluid returned a third time but went away after the first 2 months of chemo. I took Taxol and Carboplatin for 4 months, 12 treatments. CT scan after chemo showed cancer in remission. I take Iressa tablet daily. CT scans every 3 months still showing remission. The original diagnosis for this type of lung cancer was 6 months to 18 months. It will be a year on 7-31-2004.


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    I was diagnosed with a metastatic cancer, and the diagnosis of Lung to thyroid is 95%. They are treating me for the most likely cancer. I don't have a tumor in my lungs that they can see. I had a pleural effusion with approx. 1-2 litre malignant fluid and a paracardial window cut in the sac of my heart so this won't happen again. I am also having chemo with carboplatin and taxal and am expecting a remission like you.
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    I posted a message recently asking advice on when my Dad should start chemotherapy. The tumors in his lung are too small to be seen on any scan. I was wondering if they can't see the tumor in your lung how will they know when you go into remission? I am anxious about the doctors being unable to see progress during chemotherapy.