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He Everyone
Surgery went well yesterday. They were able to remove the right lobe. Sent the liver lobe to pathology and found the two original lessions that were their in october even though one could not be seen with the naked eye on the last Scan. The surgeon was pleased with knowing he got both. No cancer could be seen in the lower GI>
Hubby in ICU over night. Doing well last night.
Kanga he is getting shots of the pain meds now in place of whiskey. He was feeling pretty good last night. Will keep everyone posted.


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    Hey--great news Carmen---won't be long n he'll be up n about!!!
    Do give him our best and hope he recovers well.
    Oh--'ol kangas gunna take that shot o wiskey now in celebration!!!!
    luv n ((((((carmen))))) from kanga n Jen
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    So glad to hear the surgery went well and that it is over with. Your hubby will be up and about in no time.

    Take care.

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    What great news. You must be so relieved, and I hope taking care of yourself, too, while hubby recuperates. Keep us posted! regards, Judy
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    Thanks for sharing the good NEWS.I am so happy for you. I hope you can relax a little now.Keep us posted.
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    Hi Carmen:

    Thank you for sharing your great news and here's to a speedy recovery for your hubby and a big sigh of relief for you :-)