Prayer / Energy, etc.

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I notice much caring, prayers, energy transmissions,
etc. going out to members of this forum, esp. when there is an up-coming test or procedure or other such event.
I am more spiritual than religious, but have a strong belief in a Creator who watches over us and
listens. I for one will wake up each morning and give thanks for my continued presence here, and include everyone on this forum. If each of us do this daily, imagine the collective volume and energy! What we think about, we bring about...Bud


  • kangatoo
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    A lovely statement Bud--I have thoughts along the same lines and beleive that there is some "power" there for all of us.To me, there is something we all believe in--call that what you like but nonetheless it is a higher being/power/ energy- whatever, that we all seek and we are all children of.If we can impart this love/understanding/support on our friends here then we truly can believe that sometime in our future we will be rewarded with a life of peace and harmony.
    It is my wish to one day be rewarded by being re-united with my parents--one day--it "will" happen-but not yet!
    kanga n Jen---
  • littlejulie
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    count me in!!! my preist is a firm believer in the more prayer/energy the better. every morning i'll give thanks for all our presence and pray to god to watch over us. great idea bud.

  • 2bhealed
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    ok nanuk you've got the morning covered and I have the evening.....on my runs I go through this list in my head as I pound the pavement. It keeps me focused on something other than my aching legs or my lungs about to burst!

    ....and then in the wee hours if I have a bit of insomnia I go through the list again. So it is true, there are a lot of prayers going up for this gang of semis and anally challenged no matter how you worship the Creator, He hears and keeps us close to the mother heart of God. I am not spiritual too and keep my worship simple and devoid of dogma.

    peace, emily who joins you nanuk in thanking the Creator for each day we all live and breathe.
  • RMGill
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    Much agree with you all... this board and the positive feedback got me through the initial shock and numbness of the dianosis and into treatment (which is going well so far). I had gotten pretty disallussioned and very negative with the whole orginized religion thing for some personal reasons lately. However the the positive energy and prayers from people I've never met before have been tremendously uplifting. Definately agree, regardless of religion or denomination, once you get past the man made politics, there is a higher power out there. Remberring you in my prayers as well.

  • Unknown
    Count me in too! I have thanked the All Mighty daily for his many blessings and have asked that he please continue to bless my family and all members on this board....actually, worldwide for there are many we do not know who need support and positive energy too. I ask that HE please take us that one, tiny step further for a cure!!! If HE is willing, and I know HE is, it will happen.