chest pain

radman Member Posts: 1
I am almost done with my chemo treatment before starting radiation. I am having pain in the middle of my chest when I take a deep breath any bigger then normal at rest breathing. I will ask my Dr. when I see him, but does anyone know if this is a side effect that will go away? Mike


  • pickles123
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    Hi, It goes away in about two months after chemotherapy. I climbed a mountain 4 months afterwards with no chest pain. During chemo, mine was so bad I couldn't even walk up my driveway. The doctor wasn't concerned; he said it was just because of the adrymicin.
  • positive
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    Hi, you should ask your doctor about pulmonary function tests and did you have Bleomycin, sometimes the bleo may cause mild lung toxicity. You should request a Cat scan of your lungs, also last resort would be a blood clot, which its probably not, I don;t mean to scare you, but it does not hurt to ask. It may turn out to be nothing, but find out what it is so it can be treated. This is just my opinion good luck keep us posted. hopefully its nothing!!!