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Hi all well i got my test results back today from the ct scan before he gave me my results he had me do a chest xray today.It came back that some of the cancer cells are gone but some have growen so more chemo.they are going to try taxol and one other drug but cant rember the name of it.we are going to do two treatments and then do more test to see if the chemo is even working all keep everyone posted.Bunnie


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    I'm sorry you didn't get the results you hoped. I know how disappointed you must be. I am currently on taxol and avastin. I have my scans today to see where I am at. Last scan showed significant shrinkage. Taxol is a powerful drug. Best of luck to you.


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    Ms Bunnie,my heart goes out to you, you have carried such a heavy burden this past year.We are here when you need us-and in our prayers too.I know that's not much consulation for all you have to bare,but as difficult as it is you have come this far,this shows that you are strong.Your purpose in life has not been fulfilled,couldn't be, you're still here! For whatever your purpose I'm glad that you're here. Keep your faith and remember to laugh at least once everyday,it's good for the soul.Let me know of anything that I may do for you , I can send you some jokes if you like.It helped me alot through this journey with my e-mail buddies sending me a smile to brighten the day or news or info to get through the day.My e-mail address is nathansuedickens@usa.com
    I'll be thinking of you-God Bless You!