to biopsy or not to biopsy...??

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I've had a lump in my breast for probably 6 months. found it myself during self exam, gyno found it during annual exam. sent me to surgeon because she felt it should be biopsied but after doing mamo & sonogram surgeon said it looked like nothing to worry about. & that there was no need to biopsy. (even though I told him my history - 5 females w/breast cancer) so he said it would probably go away. but it hasn't, in fact its really more evident/obvious to me. so I guess I'm sounding stupid to some of you out there but should I simply insist upon a biopsy at this point? I mean 6 months later the lump is still there.


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    Yes, insist on a biopsy! You know your body better than any doctor. I knew something was wrong with my breast, it just looked different, I too waited a month or two thinking it was just me and it would go away. I ended up having stage III breast cancer. I'm fine now after chemo, but please get the biopsy, it could save your life! If your doctor won't do it find one who will!

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    Hi JulieC,
    This is just from my personal experience, but if I were you YES I would insist on a biopsy. Honestly I can't imagine why any doctor knowing your history would not be doing one.
    My mammogram and sonogram looked like a fibronoma (spelling) but the surgeon wanted it out anyway and guess what..surprise to not only me but the surgeon as well.
    If for nothing else..piece of mind knowing that it is nothing, but with your history I would insist on a biopsy!
    Let us know how you are doing.
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    Please do get the biopsy. If this surgeon won't do it find a doctor that will. I don't know your age but I do from my own experience that cancer in younger women is proven to be more aggressive as in my case. I waited for a few months too and wound up with Stage III cancer but am doing fine today. Let us know what you decide.

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    Find another doc. He/she cannot know that the lump is nothing. I'm lucky that when I found mine all my docs took it very seriously. At 38, with no family history, I have cancer. So many lumps are benign, and then you can sleep at night and no longer have this worry, but if it is not...this is your life, don't take a chance. As horrifying as a cancer diagnosis may be, we are surviving it, and early detection is a key. My money is if you were his wife, the bx would have been done months ago.
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    Please see another doctor as soon as possible. By your history I can't imagine your doctor not wanting a biopsy as soon as possible. Please seek one at once. Please let us know. Pads
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    Insist on a biopsy! I had something show up in a mammogram and was referred to a surgeon. An ultrasound had to be done to determine type of biopsy procedure that could be done. After seeing the tumor on ultrasound, the radiologist was 99% sure it was a benign fibroadenoma, but still wanted to do the biopsy to confirm that with pathology. It was a fibroadenoma. I had previously been diagnosed with and treated for DCIS / stage 0 in the other breast.
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    Yes, biopsy and maybe get another doctor. Like all the other responses, it's hard to believe that a doctor today would want you to wait ... and have you WORRY. I found my own lump and at first my doctor wanted me to wait a month and see if changed ... about an hour after I got home from the appt. she called and said let's start finding out what it is now -- about a week later I got the breast cancer diagnosis (stage II). It wasn't the answer I wanted but that was 4 years ago and I am alive and well today thanks to my doctor's decision to find out what was going on in me.

    We're not trying to scare you -- we just want the best outcome for you and the earlier you know what you're up against the better.

    Take care.
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    Julie I totally agree find another doctor and have the biopsy. I too found not a lump but just a thick area in my left breast, after mammo and ultrasound dr said there was nothing there and he found a small place as he called it in the right.

    Well I was not insistant enough to push the issue and guess what 3 months later saw a surgeon and you guessed breast cancer stage 2B.

    If only I had pushed my drs harder maybe I could have found this in an earlier stage and not have had to have the mastectomy and 6 rounds of TAC and radiation.

    Please listen to those who have been there and push to have this seen about.

    Let us know and I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

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    My vote is biopsy, not only for your health but for your peace of mind.

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    I vote the BIOPSY!!!!!!!And ask alot of questions-re there are never any dumb questions-it's the only way to learn...My prayers are with you.

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    I vote with the others, Julie. Run do not walk for a biopsy and get a new doc if necessary. Even if it's nothing you'll be glad you had it!
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    I was once in exactly the same position as you. My huge tumor was invisible to both mammogram and sonogram. I had two MDs (the gynecologist and the radiologist) telling me it was safe to simply monitor. They were very wrong. After 6 months, I insisted on seeing a surgical breast oncologist. She knew what it was right away, and did an immediate core needle biopsy.

    Now, I feel that I should not have waited the six months. I ought to have aggressively sought out the care I needed. Neither the gynecologist nor the radiologist seems to bear any sense of responsibility for what has occurred.

    When I described the entire time line of changes to the breast in response to the medical oncologist's questions, he just shook his head. Find a breast surgeon.
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    YES! Get a Biopsy!! The ONLY way to know for sure is a biopsy. I know too many people who waited for the same reason you have. If it turns out to be benign, great!!! AT least you can stop worrying! But if not, you need to start fighting it now.
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    Go for the biopsy. I too had a lump in my breast and the mammagram and ultrasound said it was fine. I waited a few months and the lump was still there. I went back to the doctor and she sent me immediately to a surgeon for a biopsy and it turn out to be cancer. I went through chemo, radiation and a mastectomy. I wish that the doctor would have told me about going for a biopsy, I might not had to have a mastectomy then. I don't want to scare you but it is better to be sure. Good Luck. Let us know how you made out.

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    Julie, yes please insist on a biopsy. I only had microcalcifications and they told me that they were not cancer, totally benign, and they were wrong. Had a surgeon and two techs tell me to not have it and I am so glad that I insisted. Please make them do it. If it is not cancer, then nothing lost but, if it is, the sooner you find out the better your chances. Good luck..