Started Stanford V...Feeling better than I thought I would - am I crazy?

lhodnet Member Posts: 62
I started the Stanford V treatment this past Wednesday and I had some bad effects two days prior but am feeling generally well other than being tired. I wanted to write to see if this is "normal" or how others felt while on Stanford V - did you feel different week to week?


  • positive
    positive Member Posts: 75
    Hi Lisa, I'm happy you put your mind as ease and chose your chemo regimen. Be realistic and aware of side effects. Like I said, my dad just completed 4 cycles of ABVD and it was tolerable, You're gonna have good and bad days. Everyone reacts different to chemo. Stay positive and talk alot about your feelings. Always let your doctor be aware of exactly how you are feeling, which will help you to understand it is common to feel that way.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
  • woodd00
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    Hi Lisa, as Positive said everyone reacts differently so don't be nervous about differences; however, I did Stanford V as well and your "schedule" sounds a lot like mine. I had chemo on Mondays (and Tuesdays during those "Special" weeks). On Monday I was OK, Tuesday and Wednesday stunk a lot, but by Thurs/Fri I would improve and have a decent weekend (in relative terms of course). Those few days are not fun, but you can at least plan on when your good and bads days will most likely be and start to learn how you will react. That can help you work with your doc to manage your side effects with the appropriate meds for nausea, etc. Communication with your doc is key!! He/She can help make things easier.

    Good luck and keep us posted!! :-)