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My husband had postate surgery for cancer 3 weeks ago. He is so depressed due to urinary incontinence. I don't know how to help him through it. I am an RN but have never worked with prostate cancer patients. I know that everyone is different but is there anything we can do outside of keeping active and doing the kegal exercises?


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    I underwent prostate surgery in March of this year. I too felt the same way weeks after the surgery, But things get better. Keep up with the Kegals and you will see that urinary control is better if not complete in a few more weeks. Don't let it get to you but I know it will as it did me, but remember...Things will get better.
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    I had my cathater in for 3 weeks. Yes, there were some problems for a while afterward, but as time went on I worried less about them and did the exercises and walked a lot. It seems that the busier I was, the less problems and less I worried about it. give it some time. I do remember that a little leak feels like a lot, but nobody knows but you. The hard part is over, as in the decision to have surgery. Life goes on thankfully, and things get better. As more of your friends find out that you has PC and an RP, you will be surprised as to the number that have gone through it, and the problems after it. Keep up the spirits.
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    I had radiation and seeds, but my cancer returned. After a salvage radical prostatectomy, I felt very alone. My urologists were very good and I have a 15 year old son to prove it. The bad news is, after the surgery, I found little help. I went to an older urolgist who treats an uncle and learned about the Cunningham Clamp. I have had a little trouble, but have worked full time for over a month. Today, I had to purchase a spare because you must clean and dry the thing to not have complications.
    I do not know what I would have done w/o this device. There are more options and I have ordered another type of clamp to see what is better.


    It is hard to find one who understand the problems of a prostate cancer survivor. I think we need to write a book of Survivor Notes.

    Best wishes, Woody