When to start Chemo-therapy

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My Dad has been diagnosed with Stage IV non small cell lung cancer. He had been having persistant chest pain for a year, then a scan was done and a tumor of about 1.5 cm showed up with no lymph node involvement in medistine, and from further scans it seemed there no tumors any where else. We were hopeful that the cancer had been caught early enough to be cured. All our hopes were destroyed when the surgeon opened him up as he saw there were small bits of cancer all over the lung, this is metastatic spread which he saw. However my question now is when would it be best for him to start Chemotherapy. His Doctor says there is no rush as it cannot cure the cancer and there is nothing for him to track at the moment and there would be no point in subjecting him to rounds or chemotherapy that may or may not help with without being able to tell if it is working. Another Doctor said that while my Dad is still feeling good he should try to get as healthy as he can boost his immune system so that he can start chemo once the cancer shows on scans. But I am worried about delaying the start of his treatment. Does anyone have any advice they can offer? Thanks.


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    I'm a survivor (2 1/2 years) of non small cell lung cancer, IVa. I had a large tumor when I was diagnosed, so treatment was pretty cut and dried.
    You obviously have questions, and you seem to not have as much confidence in your dad's doctor as you could have. This is healthy. Having questions which are not satisfactorily answered would steer me toward a second opinion. Your present doctor should not be offended by this. In the long run, you will never be satisfied that you are doing all you can unless you seek a second opinion.
    I wish you and your father well, and you will both be in my thoughts and prayers.