Childhood Cancers and ADD/ADHD

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I am a former childhood cancer survivor whom has also been diagnosed with ADHD. Because of a recent bout of Bells Palsy, and the MRI to make sure it was viral, Residual scarring was present. Though the doctors cannot make a "definitive" claim, they believe this could be the reason for my ADHD. I was just wondering if anyone else that had to have Cranial Radiation Treatments have had this happen as a side effect.


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    I had my right eye and muscles removed in 1953. No radiation was done. But after a car accident in 2000, I had a head injury that caused me to have some symptoms of ADD. The cause may not be as important as the treatment. I will be on medication for the rest of my life since the accident. I wish you the best of luck.
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    Yes on both accounts.
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    Yes i have both after
    Yes i have both after getting radiation to my head neck and chest
    You cant image how happy it makes me to know that i am not the only person this happened to.