Madi's Mamaw is finally having surgery!

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Hello everyone, I thought I should update you. I have had many more tests since April. I am with the same GYN, she ran a lot more tests and as usual the waiting has been nerve racking. My surgery is scheduled for July 8th, I asked for an appointment for tomorrow with the GYN because I am going to ask her to have a GYN oncologist on standby just in case. ( I have read all of the posts on this and I would rather not take the chance!); I have lost more weight since my April posting and the pain has not subsided, in fact my back and legs hurt constantly along with the abdominal pain. Just wanted you all to know I think about you and pray for you; it was such a blessing when I found this site. I gained knowledge and strength to stand up for myself with these less than cordial doctors. Thanks again. My prayers are with you all.