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Hi everyone. Just letting you all know I have finished my rads all with no burning at all. At the moment I feel really good.2 weeks ago I put my back out so have chiro treatments. But its at the back of my mind could it be anything else?????.My back still only slightly aches the chiro said I had a twisted pelvis probably from getting on that rads bed for 7 weeks. I see the surgeon for a check up next week . I had 1/9nodes est pos. grade 1 bc. 7mm and 9mm.Lumpectompy.4rounds of chemo/33zaps of rad. love to all Michele


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    Michelle, right there with you girl! Its been 5 months since chemo and radiation, only 39. Lower back aches, actually went twice to see if kidney infections, then had a coughing fit and fell to floor with sharp back pain. It got better, but everytime I do something physical it aches a couple days. Im going the 15th and going to talk more to onc too, if you know something sooner please post. God bless, Julia