small cell cancer in rt lung with aorta irritation

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I was recently diagnosised with small cell cancer which was irritating the aorta. After one set of chemo and steriod use the aorta irritation stopped. It is back and my doctor said it was not a growth of the mass but likely an inflammatory process. I am back on steriods but it doesn't seem to be helping. Has anyone delt with this problem? I am having side effects from the steriods also. Thanks, Peggykay1


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    Hi Peggykay, I am Mike, I have small cell lung cancer, it involves my left lung. The tumor was 5inches x 4 inches x 3inches, it was on my lung ,thru my lymph nodes, into the lung and wrapped around my aorta artery and pushing against my esophogus. I am inoperable , but had extensive chemo and radiation. I am in remission and also have problems with the steroids. If I can help you I will but you have to remember that the cure is as bad as this disease. If I can help you can e-mail me at: take care and God bless mike