Suspected bladder cancer

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I am a 30 year old female.. I have smoked for 18 years... been having lots of medical problems.

For over a year now I get the sensation sometimes in the middle of the night or normally in the mroning when I wake up.. that I leaked urine.. I run into the bathroom and go.. sometimes its hard to start..

Recently my belly has been really big and my pants are tight. =(

The other morning I woke up felt something wet come out.. ran to the bathroom and pee'd normally.. then I had to pee again and again.. and again... then after awhile it was hard to pee... and blood clots s tarted coming out.. ( Had a full hysterectomy so I know its not that) then after I was done passing the clots.. I could pee normally again.. Well I called my OBGYN went in.. they took in my vagina just to make sure.. and took a urine sample which was negative for a UTI...

Made a appt. with a urologist got in the same day.. they took a urine sample and s aid they saw bacteria... but said they were going to send it off for a culture... got the results of that... it was positive for infection.... They still want to do the test where they look inside my bladder with the camera via my urethra .. becuase they are concerned about my history smoking... hair dye.. ect.. I have had infections before... but nothing like this with blood and blood clots and such...

Has anyone ever heard of a person with bladder cancer also having bacteria in their urine ?

thanks all for reading this and I look forward to your responses.

Take care !



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    hi, my husband had bladder cancer, big surgery etc and is doing well, BUT, you probably have a urnary ttrack infection- but Please do go for the cystoscopy and let them take a look-My husband never had blood clots, only showed blood once- the other time it was microscopic. You definately have something going on there, but dont panic and assume its cancer- Get your tests done so you can treat whatever it is and get better!!
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    Yes, I have had recurring bladder ca since 1996. That is one of the things they monitor me for regularly. Don't be afraid of having the cystoscopy (scope of inside of bladder). I have it done in the Urologists office...been getting them anywhere from every 2- 6 mos since dx in '96. It is what helped in early diagnosis and early treatment over the years. I'm still here.
    I hope this helps. Cynthia A
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    Hi, I am a 54 year old woman who was dx with bladder cancer Stage I last Fall. I have cystoscope in the uro's office every 3 months and have had 3 reccurences in a row followed with surgery. The cystocope is really no biggie, uncomfortable for about 30-60 seconds. They are very quick and they can just about tell you right then and there pretty much what is going on. I became suspect 2 years ago when I had several recurring urinary tract infections. Bacteria almost every time with some clots appearing also. It is definitely important to have the cystos as they will save your life. I am currently undergoing BCG treatment. Have one more week to go and if anyone reads this reply and is female and has had the BCG- please write about how you felt towards the end of treatment as I am now in some pain and discomfort. Back to the e-mail I am responding to, take control of your situation and go to the Doc and have a cysto, my best advice.