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Has anyone ever heard of CAAT therapy for cancer? It is a kind of diet with amino acids and vitamin supplements. I ask because I went in search of research for a close family friend, and found this website and concated these people about doing this type of therapy for him. I don't know if it is a rip off because the amino acids are quite expensive. I don't want to get ripped off but it all sounded good to me. I was just wondering if anyone else had ever heard of this.
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    I don't know about this therapy but I would strongly recommend that your close friend consult with a specialist - there are a lot of rip offs out there and some things may do more harm than good. Where do you live? The Block clinic outside of Chicago specialized in integrated, compelete body care. Maybe you could go there or ask them for a referral. There's a ton of info out there to wade through and it's worth the time/money/effort to get professional advice on what is best for each particular person.
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    Hi beep,

    yes, I have heard of the CAAT method and had a friend on here whose husband went through the treatment as a last ditch effort.

    I think it is very legitimate and makes much sense to me.

    I have only done alternative medicine for my Stage 3 colon cancer and have been cancer free for almost 3 years now. Never any chemo or radiation. I have done extensive research into many methods out there (well I did when I was dx'ed) and settled on a couple.

    I would definitely check into it seriously for your friend. happen on both sides of the fence! Just because it's "alternative" doesn't mean it's snake oil and just because your doctor prescribes it doesn't means it's good for you! Au contraire.

    peace, emily