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I finally got the results from my ct scan of my lungs today and everything is fine.I thought I would post here so as to let everyone know and to thank all of you for your prayers.Thanks again,Teresa


  • bunnie
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    cool iam so happy for you.keep up the good work and thanks for letting us all know. Bunnie
  • judiek
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    Great news...thanks for sharing with us


  • SusanAnne
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    Fill up those clean lungs with a sigh of relief! Congratulations.
  • lynne40
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    Teresa, Congrats good news from any of us helps all of us! Thanks for sharing! Good luck,
  • Mich1417
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    Yahoo!! Go, Teresa, go Teresa!! Thanks for the great news!
  • mom62
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    Great news! Congratulations!
  • jhope
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    Teresa, I am happy, thanks for posting, I go for check of cyst/tumor cat scans the 15th of June, lol, feels good to hear good news, Julia
  • sassysally
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    FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLAD TO HEAR IT. Sorry that I havent talked with you all lately, but for the past month I cannot get into the chat room at all. Miss you guys. Hope they figure out why soon. HUGS!!!!!!!!!