Hair Loss due to Surgery alone

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I started a topic a week or so ago about losing my hair and not having had to have chemo. Well, they ran tests and I am severely iron deficiently anemic. That, plus the ten hour surgery that I had, caused my hair loss. It will most likely all come out and as my iron levels recover will return. There is no new growth now. The good news is that because of my cancer, my insurance company will buy me as many wigs as I need up to 1000.00. So, I am gonna get a good wig. At first I thought that I may get a good one and a play one, and I may still, but, I got to thinking about what if I have a recurrance and then I have used my lifetime benefit and my hair is different and I don't want to wear a wig from now? So, I may not use all the allowable.

Just wanted to update you guys.