C-T Scan

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My C-T scan came back fine, My Pet-scan got reschedued until next Wednesday. That is the scan that I am worried about. My last Pet-scan after treatment came back active. All C-T scans have been clean so far. I guess I just want someone to say I am cancer free. It has been thirteen months since I finished treatment and noone has said that to me yet. I am getting anxious. Anyone have a similar situation? Thanks Sandi


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    Talk to the people who administer the PET scan. Ask them to give you examples of things that can cause false positives. I had 3 ribs light up on a PET, and was a nervous wreck thinking that my cancer had mets to my bones. Ends up I had 3 cracked ribs from a horrible hacking cough I had. My point is, that a PET locates highly metabolic cells in your body and while cancer is a highly metabolic cell, so are some other things. I'm sure you will be uneasy until you get your results; hang in there as best you can.
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    dramerth, I had my Pet-scan on Wednesday,and I am still waiting to hear the results. I asked the people who administer the test if scar tissue would still show up and they said that after a year out of treatment it should not show up. I can only sit back and pray that nothing shows up in the scan. I think the waiting is the worst part. The last time I had to wait, they had sent my scans to a bigger hospital for more intense review, I will keep my fingers crossed!