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Well, after 4 days of ER visit, MD appts, ultrasound and CT scan, they finally found a clot in my neck (which I could feel by the time it was finally diagnosed!!). So now I'm on Coumadin and feel like I've been shot in the neck. Onc says it will take weeks to resolve, but the pain and swelling should be subsiding sooner. The good news is that the clot is not in an important vein, nor does it block my port. Even if it dislodges, 3 docs have said should cause no problems (hope their right!).
Lesson learned...if I'm having significant discomfort, I need to keep pushing til the cause is found. Despite all this, I couldn't imagine not having a port!!
Well, as my dad used to day "better days are coming! (hopefully for us all) Regards, Judy


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    Hi, I am so happy you continued to push until you found the answer.Bless you! Hope you feel better soon.
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    I hope you feel better soon. I agree with you if you know something is not right, as we Nurses do keep pushing for the answer. I remembered last year I visited the E.R. about 8 times before they dx my Intestional Stricture.