vaginal melanoma

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My prognosis was 4 to 19 months. I was expected to make it only 6, but I have been here fighting for 14 months now. I cannot find any survivors with this kind of melanoma. I lost two grandmothers to melanoma and I fear for my 3 kids. I would like to hear from anyone with vaginal melanoma. I feel alone, yet realize that cancer is cancer no matter what the kind. I know I am running on borrowed time now and have been searching for someone else with vaginal melanoma to compare notes with. I am losing my battle, but still have to hope that I will make it. I need to finish raising my youngest son. Please, if you have this awful melanoma, reply to me. I need to know that others have survived. You can find my personal webpage here. Just go in search under the name blujae. I have been a strong person in life and now I have been searching for a way to be strong in death. It is hard. Blujae.


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    Hi, I am new to this site and am a caregiver and spouse to my husband Bruce with stage IV melanoma.
    I t has been a 2 1/2 year fight and I am putting you in my prayers. I am worried about my 3 children as well. I have also had a melanoma 21 yers ago but have survived. You are so brave. God loves you. Maureen
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