Mild fever during taxol treatment

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I have breast cancer. I have just finished 4 cycles AC chemo treatment and started with taxol for 2 cycles. I have been having mild temperature around 99-100 degree since I started the taxol treatment. My whole body feels very worm especially on my back and on my head. Since it does not reach 100.5 degree, my doctor does not recommend any tests for infections. But I feel very uncomfortable and I haven't heard anyone I know that have this side effect. I would like to know if anyone has this similiar side effect and is it normal?


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    I too had 4 treatments of AC, followed by surgery and then 12 treatments of taxol, and I had similar side effects. It can make you feel uncomfortable, but I wouldn't worry about it. You could be entering early stages of chemo induced menopause and this could be the start of hot flashes (as it was with me)....just keep monitoring your temperature, and if it reaches 100.5, seek medical attention immediately. Hang in there! You are not alone in this!
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    HI there good day to you.

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    Chemotherapy may cause such effect of fever.
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