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Hi all i know i shouldnt be but iam already worry when this ugly creature is going to rear its ugly head at me again i still have two more treatments left.This is the second time in a year that i have delt with cancer and chemo and quite frankly iam tired of i said i try and not dwell on it coming back but it is hard since it came back so rapidly. well Thanks for everyone listing.Bunnie.


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    Hi Bunnie, Sorry you have had such a hard time. I don't blame you at all for being apprehensive. Anyone would be. Let's just pray that since you've had way more than your share of this cancer ride you are completely FINISHED with it and life will come back to you so that you can enjoy it. Worrying is the worst we all do it even though it does us no good. I'll keep praying for you for peace of mind, when your mind calms down the rest is easier to bear. Take care of yourself. Hugs,
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    Hi bunnie:

    There's really no such thing as how we should or shouldn't feel. How we feel is how we feel, until we can manage to feel better, so don't beat yourself up for feeling tired of it or feeling low. You've had a double whammie in a short period of time and it has to be very tough.

    One thing to remember is that not much about cancer and how it behaves in the body, makes a lot of sense really and just because it came back once isn't necessarily any indication that it will ever come back again.

    As Lynne said, everyone worries...especially during treatment and in those early days/months following treatment. A diagnosis and treatment can be terrifying and while I had cancer once, I can only imagine how a 2nd time around may feel. Probably something akin to my wanting to jump right out of my skin. Amazingly though, we find the strength we need when we need it most and that's exactly what you're doing.

    I think you're one brave and strong individual!
    It blows me away that you've gone through so much and here you are, hanging in there, posting, venting and doing all the things that are good for you yet probably not realizing how much you're helping other's, through your sharing!

    As you complete your last two treatments, keep in mind that many have been just where you are, having cancer multiple times and surviving to good health and a good life. Right now just focus on completing treatment and taking really good care of yourself. Make time for those special things you enjoy most. Relaxing and reducing stress can be a very important part of keeping up your strength, mentally and physically.

    Am hoping those last two treatments will be over soon and you can begin healing and working on getting those fears we all experience, under control. In the meantime, pamper yourself with whatever makes you happy and continue to keep us posted.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi, Bunnie- it is really hard not to worry when you have this awful disease not once, but twice in a year. You surely are a brave person and it is no wonder you are tired. It is good to vent your feelings and this is a great place to do it, so many people to understand what you are going through. I hope you will soon be on the road to recovery and feeling better.
    Lovingly, Betty
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    In 1989 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, incurable. They gave me one year to live. I'll tell you how I beat it if you're interested. Then, shock of all, I got breast cancer and went through a mastectomy, then one chemo injection that almost killed me. Well, that was 14 years ago. Want some help? Encouragement? Hope?