After 6 years, recurrence

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I wrote several weeks ago about how scared I was to have my mammogram -- my best friend of 18 years was diagnosed in Oct w/2 primary brain tumors (both malignant); my husband went through prostate cancer and surgery on 2/6; and my sister, a 3 year cervical cancer survivor, was diagnosed last week with advanced lung cancer. So I wasn't real eager to have my own tests done. I did. I have an early stage carcinoma in situ in my left breast -- the only one I have left. Now I have to decide on treatment. I'm leaning toward another mastectomy w/reconstruction; I handled it fairly well last time. Back to work in 3 weeks and my job right now is even less physical. But this time, I will have to go through chemo; last time just radiation. I'm scared ... I'm pissed off ... and I don't want to deal with this, at all. I can't believe my attitude because last time I was so aggressive in my treatment. But my son is in the Persian Gulf; coming to Norfolk for 4 days end of this month; then heading back there for 8 months. He's a rescue swimmer in the Navy. I don't know if I tell him? Because this is such an early stage, I'm very confident everything will be ok and I don't want him to worry while he's over there. I want to wait until July to have the surgery so I can see him, my mom and be there for my sister while she's going through some aggressive and debilitating chemo. Her odds are not good. I don't know what to do --- I'm always so sure of myself and confident; but this time, I don't have a clue which way to handle this. Any thoughts?


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    Hi Duck, So sorry that you're having to go through this again. The thoughts I have concerning postponing your surgery till July are that you should check the pathology report or speak with your doctor on how aggressive the cancer is. You've caught it at a very early stage but an aggressive cancer might become invasive by the time July rolls around. Don't let that happen, regardless of the convenience.
    Regarding telling your son, I guess I'd ask what the chances are he'll hear this from someone else and be hurt he didn't hear first from you? If you're certain the secret will be safe, will he be glad you spared him the worry during his overseas duty or upset he couldn't be actively supportive despite the miles between you? You probably know him better than anyone else. Rely on your "mother's instinct." We'll be praying for you. Terri
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    Hi, Duck. Having breast cancer once is daunting enough, but I can only imagine that having a recurrence is particularly devastating. And with all your family members (and friend) falling ill with cancer, it's a very heavy burden. I agree that you should consult with your surgeon about postponing surgery. As to chemo, I'm confused. Am I correct in thinking you have DCIS? I've never heard of anyone needing chemo with this diagnosis before. A close friend of mine had aggressive Stage III breast cancer 11 years ago and last year was diagnosed with early DCIS in the other breast, like you. She had another mastectomy (as you're contemplating) but did not require chemo this time. Did they give any reasons why they're recommending this? I'm curious and like to keep up to date on these things. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope things go as well as possible. And may your son be kept safe! Ellen
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    Hi duck sorry to hear that your going through this again i know you fell i had breast cancer jan of 03 had a mastecomy did four rounds of chemo and less than a year the cancer has came back in the lungs doing more chemo almost done though.I know what you mean about being pissed off iam ready to quite treatments and i only have two left.As for waiting i wouldnt do that i would go a head and take care of myself you dont want to put this off and i know your sister would understand that.I think you should tell your son also he is a man after all and can deal with it.Iam sure he would be upset if you didnt tell him.Good luck in all of your desicion and know that we are all praying for you.Bunnie