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My friend is undergoing radiation for throat cancer.She was wondering if anyone found the amifostine successful. It makes her dreadfully sick. However that did not start until after her chemo treatment. She has a rash on her neck and ran a fever the other night. Her regular radiologist is on vacation and the on-call Dr. decided to discontinue the amifostine for 4 days until he returns. She is wondering if this will be a set back but her main concern is if it really works. I would appreciate any insight to pass on to her and hope to get her on her computer and into the chat soon! Thanks!


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    My husband started out with amifostine injections prior to radiation. He did ok with it for the first two weeks, then started getting a rash which turned into a full-blown drug reaction-all over rash, facial swelling, temp up to 102. Turns out he had strep throat, as the drug reaction wiped out his immune system. In hindsight, we wish we had never had the amifostine. He went through a lot of additional pain and suffering, and it is really unclear whether the drug does any good. A rash is clearly not a good sign, but again it's hard to tell which drug the body is reacting to. Amisfostine has it's supporters among cancer docs, but a lot don't like it also.
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    I took the injections in the stomach. Two each day before the radiation for 35 days. I had no reactions. Perhaps some soreness in the area of the injection. But prior to the injection, about 30 minutes before arriving at the clinic, I also took a drug for nausia. I can't remember the name, but it melted under the tongue.