Stanford Five Treatment vs. ABVD

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I had my first visit today and my oncologist is recommending the Stanford five treatment (12 weeks of chemo, once per week, receiving different chemicals on odd and even weeks) instead of the ABVD 2x's per month for 6 months.

Does anyone know about this treatment or where I can find information on it?



  • Heatherjb
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    I did ABVD for 4 months and radiation for 6 weeks. When I first got diagnosed, I went online and did a search for Hodgkins. That is probably the best way to get information. Also, if you can find out what drugs are included in the treatment, this website ( has a great drug index. You could also go to for more information on these specific types of cancer. If you would like to e-mail me, you can do it through my webpage on this site.
    Good luck to you. My prayers are with you.
  • uglyowl
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    I don't know too too much about Stanford V as I am currently doing ABVD 2x's per month for 6 months. My oncologist said that Stanford V is more intense over a shorter time frame and people have more problems handling it. In other words ABVD is less stressful, for lack of a better term. I think the cure rates are very similar for both as there is debate about which is better! Good luck.
  • suz64
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    I chose Stanford V over ABVD after I was diagnosed. I did find some information on it when I searched the web and I could give you the sites once I go back to my bookmarks and find them.
    I made my decision on the fact that I wanted to start my treatment and get it done as quickly as I could. Also, there is an increased chance of getting breast chance with the ABVD treatment due to the amount of area that is radiated. With Stanford V, a much smaller area receives radiation.
    There are seven drugs used in Stanford V versus the four in ABVD.
    I think a lot depends on the patient and what they want to do and their general health and age at the time of treatment. My doctor told me that if I was in my 60s (I'll be 40 this year) that they would probably recommend that I go with ABVD as it would not be as hard on me and if I did get breast cancer I would be in my late 70s or older.
    I know that they believe that the Stanford V treatment is at least as effective as ABVD, but I do not know if there are any long-term studies on it.
    Hope this helps!
  • sherra
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    I saw your message and had to respond. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkins in August 2002 my doctor went over both the Stanford Five Treatment and ABVD with me as choices for chemo. I right away wanted the one that got me done the quickest (the Stanford)luckily for me though my insurance would not cover it and I had to go with ABVD. I recieved 6 cycles (12 treatments) of ABVD and 18 rounds of radiation. Looking back on the whole experience I don't think I could handle chemo mentally every week. With ABVD, I recieved treatment every other week-that always left me with a weekend where I knew I'd be sick after treatment but I could look forward to the following weekend to make plans because I knew I'd feel fine. I needed that "healthy" time, mentally. I needed to feel like a 22 yr. old, not just a cancer patient. When I recieved radiation I had to deal with my cancer daily and it took its toll on me emotionally. I don't know which chemo produces better results but ABVD worked for me physically and emotionally. I know right now things are probably spinning out of control for you and the emotional side of things doesn't really matter but please consider what I've written.
    Good Luck to you
  • ljgerl
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    When I was diagnosed in August 2001 I was in a study where they compared ABVD to Stanford V. I was "picked" randomly to have ABVD. I had 6 cycles (12 treatments) and 20 radiation treatments. I'm really glad now that I had the ABVD. I don't think I could have tolerated chemo every week. Like "sherra" I had a couple of "down days" but felt pretty good the rest of the time. I knew I'd have a couple of good weekends a month.

    But....everybody's treatment is different and you have to feel comfortable with what you choose. I pray that whatever you decide will be successful.