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Hi all iam currently taking Xeloda And Tazatear.My question is that it is making my food taste like sawdust but iam not sure wich one is doing it and i keep forgetting to ask wich one is making my food taste like that the only reaspm iam really asking is becase they are wanting me to stay on the xeloda probally for the rest of my life but it that is the one making my food taste like crap i dont want to do that iam ready to get flavor back into my food.Iam almost done hopefully with treatments if all goes according to plan i only have too more treatments left.This is the second time in less than a year that i have been fighting cancer it intially started in the breast and is know in the lung and rib cages.Hopefully we have it under control know though and it wont bother me.That is another question that he never really has given me a straight answer on is that if i stay on xeloda what are my garuntuees that it isnt going to come back he more or less told me if i dont stay on the med that as fast as it came back the last time i would probslly come back that fast again.Sorry iam rambling this moring if anyone can help it would be appreciated.Thanks Bunnie(amy)


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    Not sure which one is making food taste like sawdust, not eating yogurt are you?
    Long story.
    I just saw on MDAnderson web site last night they are doing a study with the Theratope Vaccine with stage 4 breast cancer patients with mets to the lungs. You might want to look into this, check with Cathy, it's the same vaccine she's on and she has had exellent results.
    God bless!