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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a good bit of news in hopes it may help someone else. Last sept. 2003 I underwent surgery for squamis cell cancer of the tonsil region. The sugeron removed one half of my lest soft pallate and part of my lower jaw and back of tounge. I had a pectoral flap reconstruction of the throat using my left chest muscle. Followed by 35 radiation treatments.

All seems well and the healing continues. I feel great and eat about what I want, with water of course. Taste is back and even had my first steak last month. Now the problem I had. My speach!

I am back to work 100% as the project manager/estimator for a small but growing construction company. People had much difficulty understanding my on the phone. I went to a speech therapist who put me in touch with a Dr. Wee at Ohio State University Dental School. He fitted and constructed a prosthesis that fits like a partial in my mouth and it has made all the differance in the world. I love it. Although I don't quite sound the same It is much better. I am able to swallow better without the liquid coming out of my nose. What a diffence this has made.

I just want to share with anyone that my be experiencing the same that there is hope. This is only my second day with this and I feel so much better already. A real spirit picker-uper.

If anyone needs more info, let me know.

God bless all of you