Need advice 2 years later

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I was diagnoised withnhl in 1997 .I did rituxin first relapse 8 months later did it again relapse 6 months later Started chemo once a week ended up with another lump in neck so they upped the chemo.# months later you guessed it This time we did radiation on my neck .I think 35 days.6 months later here I go again .The good news is I did a stemcell transplant and 2 years of remission .Lots of side effects but worth it .No one ever told me I was cured I often wonder when I will relapse again .They are pulling my disability and I am scared not lazy.I do believe that I may never have to do this again but no one seems to understand the brain fog.neuropathy.vertigo and fatigue I can't seem to get past .I am so grateful to be alive .please reply


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    Hi there. My husband has had two stem cell transplants first one in 2003, he relapsed three months later and had a second one in 2004. He has been in remission for 9 months and it is scary wondering when if any time it will come back. He is back at work and gets tired easy but he is taking lots of vitamins. Green tea or esiac tea is also helpful. None of us know when we are going to die, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow but we have to go on and just be happy for the moment. Sometimes sickness is just a sign to make a change in our lives. I hope you will fight for your life and win!

    Take care Jacky
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    I was diagnosed w/NHL Stage 4 in Mar 96, stem cell transplant in Jan 97, recurrence in Dec 98 and Rituxin in Jan-Feb of 99. I have been cancer free since Mar 99. I have been on dialysis since May of 2000. I am still very active and since I beat the beast twice, I could do it again should it show it's ugly head. Postive thoughts get you positive results. Good Luck.
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    Hi Terriann..I was dx with Nhl in dec 99..relapse in Jan 2002..Stem Cell transplant april 2003 was told that I had relapse in Dec 2003,(pet scan) and Jan 2004(CT scan)was told to watch and wait..July 2004 CT scan showed all cleared! We are in total shock..How does it change so fast?..I am now in Complete radiologal remission..told this is the best one can get?..My only advice! Stay positive and don't let it rule your life,go out and enjoy life,,Yes I to get very tired and also have Chemo Brain..check it out! it is real..But I am not going to let Cancer rule my life..I have been fighting it for 8yrs now..first with Breast cancer in 96 and in 99 For the first time in 8yrs I have some positive news..come join me. OH my NHL was Diffuse Large B cell..and high grade..Haven't done Rituxin(called MabThera in Australia)..that was my next option..My next Dr visit is in Dec and next scan some time next year..Till then I am having a life and intend to injoy it..hugs and best wishes to you stay Positive ,you Can do it..xo