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Hiya Pam and Mike--hey--sorry for the late reply--kinda got caught up in some hassles this way and was not able to check all the posts so missed your reply a while back.
RE; my ozzie slang?--awwww--jest happen to talk like that--kinda natural this way.
Hope Mike is gettin on ok--gee--tough time after surgery and the real pits is the chemo after.Yu know Mike--this orzie had lotsa days of total anger/denial-self pity--all sorts of crazy things--even had a howl or two--hey--still do.
This crappy disease takes tha best yu have got and throws it out the window--then yu gotta go out n gather it all up--more so for the sake of the wife n kids!
What I really try to do mate is think about "every single second" that I am able to be with them---because, lets face it--I could choke on a hotdog or get bowled over by a car crossing the street tomorra--live for today buddy and yu guys be so very gratefull for every minute yu have together---I am sure yu do--just checkin!
Stay safe and be well both of yu---luv n huggs--kanga n Jen