Revlon Run/Walk for Women

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I did the 5 km walk yesterday and it was such a wonderful victory for me. I realize that 5 km is nothing for walkers, but I'm not one, and I was thrilled at finishing! It was so wonderfully symbolic of finishing the race!! SO many people walked in support of others and in memory of others. IT was a very emotional day but so worth it! This was my first walk and I would encourage anyone to try one! The love and concern there is so precious and uplifting. THanks for letting me share my happy day!
Love to all, Jayne


  • SusanAnne
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    Thank you for walking for us all. You know what they say, when you truely give of yourself, sometimes you wind up being the one who benefits the most. Congratulations on your victory and thanks again.
  • billandpatty
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    I agree, it is a wonderful experience. Every time I have participated in a walk, I have learned something about myself and others. Thank you for walking for us all...

    Have a great week.